Before You Start

Before you even start thinking of choosing your pod, there are a few things you will need to consider.


Have you ever looked at that space in your garden and wished you could do something with it?

Are you needing to work from home more or wanting a shorter commute, or need a base for your business with low overheads?

Our attitudes to work, home and our environments are changing. Our living spaces are now vital to our everyday life. A home gym, office, cinema or hangout for teenagers, or just a multi purpose room – the possibilities are endless – this is your space!

Every space is different, and every budget too. We offer a customised and bespoke service, where pod designs are created by you via our personalised configurator. The configurator can be accessed online or through one of our showrooms operated by a Design Partner. You choose the size, how many windows you would like and the colour and finish of your pod. You can see your finished pod before it has even been built! Our configurator can help you design your space with finance and practicalities in mind.

With over 25 years of upscale manufacturing in modular building, we pride ourselves on a high quality product and design with prompt delivery and installation.

Why choose Another Room Ltd?

We’ve engineered our entire production process to optimise the finish for your pod. With specialist craftsmen working on each individual aspect of pod manufacture, we utilise a process flow system to achieve advanced levels of quality control.

Because every pod is individual, each panel is externally prepared, clad and finished in our factory. Once completed, the panels are designed to interconnect and locate onto a sole plate. Packaged pods are then delivered to Design Partners or direct to homes.  This ensures a seamless and straightforward installation process with minimal disruption to your home.

We aim for the perfect finish. All screws and fixings within the panels are hidden from view to create a completely finished aesthetic.

All our pod floors are manufactured using lightweight steel, which makes them easy to handle and exceptionally hardwearing, protecting against vermin. All roofs have an EPDM rubber finish to ensure longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Add to that our commitment to excellence and sustainability, with timber responsibly sourced from well managed and certified forests to combat the potential damage caused by deforestation, and you’ll understand why Another Room Ltd is leading the field in pod design and manufacture.

What you need to do

1. The Site

Where do you want your pod? What is the ground like? We can come and survey the site and establish what is required.

2. Planning Permission

Do you need planning permission? All of our pods are designed to fall below planning permission requirements. They are no higher than 2.5m from the ground to the underside of the eaves and no larger than an area of 30m2. For bigger pods, speak to one of our designers who can support you through the design, planning and build process.

3. Utillities

We can help you source all the necessary utilities for your pod so everything is in place in time for installation.

Beginning the design process

Using our online configurator you can experiment with different shapes, sizes and layouts to suit your space. You can track your budget as you go.

As you design, an image of your pod will be formulated. This can be changed as you go along. See which colour cladding you prefer, try a bi-fold or patio door, look at the difference between a canopy or overhang. It’s your design.