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The boards are made by breaking logs. They have a rectangular cross section. The lengths are most often 3 and 4 m, maximum 5 m. They are used for making all kinds of furniture, wooden countertops, roofing materials, etc. They can also be used for shuttering, for under-tile cladding of roof structures and other roofing materials.

There are two types of boards – clean and shuttering.

We offer standard and non-standard custom sizes.

Types of wood: Spruce, Fir and White Pine.

We also offer planks (boards) of linden, oak, acacia, beech, pine and spruce.

  • Pine, spruce length 200 cm to 600 cm, thickness 2 cm to 6 cm, wide free
  • Linden length 200 cm to 400 cm, thick 2 cm to 5 cm, wide free
  • Oak length 200 cm to 400 cm, thickness 3 cm to 5 cm, free width
  • Acacia length 200 cm, thick 2 cm to 5 cm, wide free

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