Garden Room Kit- Fernanda (3.66m x 2.64m) With Canopy




The design comes as a ‘kit’ which includes the SIPs panels, cut to specification and all the screws, glue and timber required for construction. All of our standard studio pre-designed kits come with SIP100mm Walls, SIP100mm Floor and SIP150mm Roof.

This variation of the Studio E comes with a 600mm overhang.

Like what you see, but it’s not quite your perfect design? Keep the basic footprint the same and make some adjustments to your standard kit:

  • Move the position or dimensions of your windows and door openings to suit your style

Width of studio: 366cm.

Depth of studio: 366cm.

Height of studio (front): 247.7cm.

Height of studio (rear):243cm.

Additional information

Weight 1031 kg


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